Laser Cleaning Solutions for the Bakery, Dairy, Food and Beverage Industry

Laser cleaning has an important role in the cleaning of production lines in the food industry. Typical parts that are cleaned with a laser are molds, bakeware, baking trays, conveyors, boilers, etc. Specifically for the food industry, there are some advantages of laser cleaning compared to other classic techniques like sandblasting, dry ice blasting, pyrolysis, chemical cleaning or rinsing with water or air under high pressure.

Laser cleaning makes sure that the biggest part of the pollution evaporates and the remaining dirt loosens and falls down. During the cleaning process, a short but intense heating takes place that causes evaporation. This heat doesn’t only give a level of cleanliness that no other technology can reach, but this heat also has an anti-bacterial effect. Your boilers, molds and conveyors have never been this clean!

From metallic baking trays and molds to conveyors, the food products manufacturing industry faces oil, grease, and other deposits regularly. Media blasting solutions like dry ice cleaning, etc,  can remove these contaminants, but they can also damage the products and — in some cases — leave a thin layer of contamination behind. This, among the long duration of use, can impact production and cause performance complications, such as alignment issues. Laser solutions provide a very competitive and effective alternative.  Laser systems use thousands of pulses per second to absorb into and remove contaminants that can cause your equipment and other applications to underperform. Using a combination of laser energy to pulse and remove contamination layers without impacting the substrate and a suctioning tool to contain coatings, you can effectively remove oil, grease, sugars, and any other contaminants plaguing your products.

Cleaning Solution for Baking Plates

Lasermach offers a unique cleaning solution for baking plates, oven plates and other “hot” surfaces used in food product manufacturing. Metallic baking trays, molds, and conveyors can be cleaned free of oil, grease and deposits quickly and residue-free with our laser technology. Flat and textured baking molds of steel, cast iron or chrome plated metal are well-suited for laser cleaning.

Imagine being able to continuously clean baking surfaces during normal production runs. Laser Cleaning makes this dream come true with specially developed systems for the baking industry. Moving baking plates and other challenging surfaces can be laser treated on the fly and maintained in a permanently cleaned condition; with increased equipment up-time and reduced costs


  • Clean & on-line and off-line
  • Removes baked-on deposits without harm to baking surfaces
  • Uses no media, no dust, no chemicals, no clean-up, no residue
  • Eliminates use of wire brush cleaning & risk of stray metal wires
  • Environmentally friendly – no seconday waste
  • Low operating cost
  • Minimal maintenace


  • Cleaning of sugar cone moulds
  • Cleaning of waffle moulds
  • Cleaning of product handling components & conveying systems
  • Other challenging baking & food processing applications
  • Limitation – residues of meat, chocolate as well as powder and inhomogeneous (thick) materials.




Baking trays can be tricky because they’re often used in high-temperature areas, and downtime can severely hurt production. We provide specialized optic packages to withstand these temperatures so that you can continue using our laser systems. Our solutions can clean baking plates as they move and other challenging surfaces on the fly while maintaining a permanently cleaned condition. Since production doesn’t stop, this increases equipment up-time and reduces costs.


Baking molds — whether flat or textured and made of steel, cast iron, or chrome-plated metal — are well-suited for laser cleaning. Similar to baking trays, baking molds often travel through high-temperature areas in the production process. Plus, our laser solutions are ideal for cleaning:

  • Sugar cone molds
  • Waffle molds
  • Product handling components and conveying systems
  • Other challenging baking and food processing applications


The manufacturing process requires getting products from point A to point B. This often requires a conveyor — either a continuous belt of metal that moves with the product or rollers that stay stationary and help move products along. These parts can experience all sorts of conditions, from high temperatures to oil and grease from the production process. Our laser solutions clean them to eliminate potential problems before they occur — streamlining your production process.