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When you purchase a laser cleaning system from us, you’ll able to receive a fume extraction filter unit as part of your purchase (if your process calls for it).  When purchasing a fume extraction unit, there are a few things we need to know, including — but not limited to:

  • Length of ducting to your enclosure from the filter unit
  • How many hours you operate per day
  • The amount of fluid generated per day
  • The flow dynamic
  • The amount of speed per time
  • Your ducting setup
  • The volume of your enclosure (if you just need to order new filters for your unit)


Suppose your cleaning process produces a lot of material, but you have a smaller enclosure. In that case, you’ll need a filter unit that has plenty of filter cartridges to ensure that you can operate for long periods of time. Whereas, if you are cleaning materials that are super dry, but not a lot of them, your filter unit could be smaller with a large fan or turbine. The size of your enclosure varies from project to project, and the size of the enclosure impacts the size of the fan and the number of filter cartridges.


The size and volume of your material particulates can also impact the fume extraction filter unit you need. If your cleaning process removes larger particulates, you’ll have a different unit and filter cartridge combination than if the process removes finer particulate material. The fluent generated, whether the particles are wet or dry, and if they’re fire preventative can also have an impact.


Operating your laser system for two hours a day is much different than operating for 24 hours a day. Having the wrong fume extraction filter unit can cause you to interrupt productivity to change filters or conduct other maintenance. That’s why how long you need to operate plays a role in the type of fume extraction unit you’ll need. We’ll use your operating hours — among other considerations, like thickness and types of materials — to pinpoint the right fume extraction unit for your needs.

Filtration systems make it safer for you !

If you have a laser application — whether for cleaning or welding — you need a fume extraction filter unit. That’s because these powerful filtration systems make it safer for you to operate your laser. During the laser cleaning process, hazardous contaminants are safely absorbed and captured by the filter unit. This prevents dangerous chemicals from filling the air and harming your operators. The same occurs during a laser cutting, marking, or engraving process. But, not all fume extraction filter units are designed for the same applications.