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SURFACE Pre-Treatment

For adhesion, brazing, welding & varnishing

SWIPE Laser Cleaning technology is ideal as a surface pre-treatment to enhance adhesion prior to the application of varnishes/lacquers as well as the preparation of parts scheduled to be brazed or welded.

SWIPE Laser cleaning removes oils and other residues resulting in an optimal surface condition necessary for applying high quality clear coatings. Moreover, parts consisting of aluminum and magnesium that require brazing or welding are particularly well-suited to be pre-treated by laser light.


In order to condition surfaces for subsequent coating, it is necessary to remove all contaminations from metallic surfaces.

In conventional processes, abrasives or cleaning media are used which may remain on the surface or be carried over into subsequent process steps. This can lead to coating defects, dust and particle inclusions and thus to faulty coatings.


  • Beam- and media-free cleaning for pre-treatment by laser light
  • Efficient conditioning of metallic components
  • High area rates achievable
  • Best adhesion qualities of the coating (crosscut result 0 – 1, corrosion-resistant ageing resistance)